De Addis Abeba a Ciudad del Cabo (From Addis Ababa to Cape Town)

Simien Mountains
December 9, 2011, 3:30 pm
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Tras cuatro días de senderismo en las Simien Mountains, estamos de vuelta en la civilización. En breve haremos un par de posts más largos con un montón de fotos alucinantes, como esta:

Somewhere in the Simien Mountanins, at 4070 m altitude

Somewhere in the Simien Mountanins, at 4070 m altitude


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Hi guys. Looks awesome so far.
How can we get hold of you, besides email. Can you give us a mobile number.

Africa is not for sissies!!!!

Comment by Tyronne

Hey dude, while we are in Ethiopia you can reach us at +251 918037014

Africa is quite hardcore

Comment by albertocuesta

how long are you in Ethiopia for?

i think the problem you having is that you look like tourists!!! try not to look like tourists….just saying.

Comment by Tyronne

Oh..and make sure you have a shave before you get to Durban.

Comment by Tyronne

Yes Simone make sure you shave before you get to Durban!

Comment by mbtc

Cheeky cow! Talking of shaving, I’ve come across quite a few women travellers who could do with shaving their beards . . .

Comment by Simone

SIM ian Mountains how apt….. I bet that will be a great experience and away from the tourist trail so enjoy.
Don’t leave your camera/lap top on a rock 2000 ft below you – that would be really silly ! Shame about the phone !! The breaking back into the hotel past the armed guard is nuts ! Enjoying the Blog. Love Tracey x

Comment by Tracey Smith

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