De Addis Abeba a Ciudad del Cabo (From Addis Ababa to Cape Town)

Missioning in the mountains
December 15, 2011, 1:33 pm
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If you visit Ethiopia, go to the Simien Mountains – they are beautiful. The mountain tracks take you through fields of thyme, up close to the Gelada baboons (who are pretty tame), through villages nestled on the mountain hillsides, down valleys to views of waterfalls and up killer climbs to watch the sun set over gorges and ravines below. I loved to sit and watch the lammergeyers (one of the biggest birds of prey), kites, eagles and buzzards circling in the valleys below us while we tried to refill our lungs with as much air as possible before carrying on with the day’s route.

Making new friends

Making new friends

We did a four day, three night trek (approximately 70km over the four days, the longest day being 32km). The walking on some of the days was hard due to the altitude and your lungs scream and your legs feel like lead as you climb to the top of some of the viewpoints (our highest viewpoint was 4,070m above sea level) but the views and peacefulness more than make up for it.

On top of the world

On top of the world

At the end of the world

At the end of the world

Another amazing day in the Simiens

Another amazing day in the Simiens

Once we reached camp for the night, we would pitch our tent and if we felt brave enough (I was braver than Alberto) we’d have a cold shower (which most of the time was in the open) before the sun set (it’s freezing once the sun goes down and it takes a while for the day to warm up in the mornings  – on our last night in the mountains we left some clothes out to dry and they were frozen solid the next morning!).  The cooking staff would then serve us thyme tea and a big tray of popcorn to replenish our energy levels before we would tuck into simple but delicious dinner each night. The rest of the evening involved sitting around the campfire (on our last night I looked around us and couldn’t help but smile seeing the faces of the guides, scouts, mulemen, cooks and other trekkers all gathered around the fire sharing stories and reflecting on another great day out in the open).

And then it was off to bed – at 8.30pm!

While it was good to get back to Gonder (Seyoum at Lodge du Chateau made sure to heat the water up for us just in time for our arrival)  to get rid of the dust and wash our clothes, the trek in the mountains has been the highlight of my Ethiopian trip so far.

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Wow — sounds just magical, if a bit exhausting and what beautiful, breathtaking views in your photos!!!! Loving ya blog! un abrazo fuerte! bicos xxx

Comment by Berni

Muy bonito, pero escribir en
Español, que me cuesta un soponcio tener que traducirlo.

Besos a los dos.


A sus ordenes cuña. Nos hemos tirado una semana o así con poco internet y ayer se me adelantó Simone a la hora de escribir el post, el siguiente es en español.

Comment by Alberto

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