De Addis Abeba a Ciudad del Cabo (From Addis Ababa to Cape Town)

En Uganda / Uganda bound
January 8, 2012, 3:38 pm
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Tras un par de dias descansando en Kisumu, que nos ha parecido un lugar excelente, hemos cruzado la frontera a Uganda y llegado hasta Mbale. Hace un calor de la leche y no puedo pensar. Hemos ido a sacar pasta a un cajero que tenia aire acondicionado y hemos debatido quedarnos a dormir en el. Hubiera sido una buena idea.

Tenemos un numero Ugandes ahora: +256 779449983, mandad mensajes que nos llegan.


We crossed in to Uganda today! It’s stinking hot but they have very cool looking bank notes :-) Didn’t think it was physically possible but it was confirmed today – Ugandans do pile way more people into their minibuses than the Kenyans do . . .

Our last few days in Kenya were good, we just chilled in Kisumu – third largest city in Kenya but very laidback – and now we’re excited for our adventures ahead in a new country.

We have a Ugandan number (see details above at end of Alberto’s post) so get in touch if you want.

Heading to Sipi Falls tomorrow for a few days so we’ll be in touch again soon.

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Feliz Anu Nuevo! Totally jealous reading your blog.Talking of Uganda, one of my patients was a really lovely lady whose daughter and partner run a camp in the Murchison Falls Park, called Red Chilli. The daughter is called Deb (forgotten mom’s name- memory like a sieve!) but the place sounds really lovely and is the only backpacker place in the park.
Big hug, A xx

Comment by Allison

Hello :-) Happy new year to all of you too!

Have only seen a tiny bit of Uganda so far but we like what we’ve seen. Kenya was cool too. Small world – we were thinking of going to Murchison Falls (not decided yet as is quite far) but if we did, we were going to stay at Red Chilli. There’s a Red Chilli in Kampala too so we need to think if we want to stay there. Was the manager’s mom your patient in the UK or Oz?

Do you know your dates yet for SA? We might just see you there . . .


Comment by Simone

I know I’m late but Happy new year to you both!!

Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time – loving the snap shots. Can’t wait to read more … x

Comment by Autumn

Bless you – happy new year to you too! Hope you had a lovely Christmas too. Hope all’s good at work, will try and write a longer email soon. xxx

Comment by Simone

Perhaps you can compare the Ugandan mini-buses to SA’s “Zola Budds”! Take care! Safe and happy travels x x

Comment by Cheryl

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