De Addis Abeba a Ciudad del Cabo (From Addis Ababa to Cape Town)

Sipi Falls
January 13, 2012, 6:12 am
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Our introduction to Uganda was the dusty border town of Busia. Once we cleared immigration, off we went to find the taxi stand and a little while later with a patch of my behind perched precariously on the edge of a seat (there were six of us in a three seater row), we set off for Mbale, the first major town from the border. There’s not much to see (except Mount Elgon in the distance if the dust and haze clears) or do in Mbale, except maybe to eat curry at Nurali’s Cafe which we did and it was some of the best curry we’ve both had in ages.

The next day we ventured out a bit more comfortably to Sipi Falls, 55km north of Mbale. The falls are gorgeous. We did a four hour walk to all three levels of the falls and the surroundings for each are green and lush with fields of plantain trees and cabbages. Our guesthouse also had stunning views of the third level of the falls and we found the perfect hillside to watch the sunset and from which we could clearly see Mount Elgon in the distance.

Views of Mt Elgon from Sipi hilltop

Views of Mt Elgon from Sipi hilltop

Waterfalls and cabbages

Waterfalls and cabbages

The start of the second level of Sipi Falls (we had a shower in the spray underneath)

The start of the second level of Sipi Falls (we had a shower in the spray underneath)

Sipi level three - and the falls we could see from our guesthouse

Sipi level three - and the falls we could see from our guesthouse

Electricity seems to be pretty sporadic in Uganda and out at Sipi was no exception. However, it’s full moon at the moment and it was awesome to watch the moon rise up behind the hills and light up the valleys below each evening. The following day involved a disappointingly unspectacular walk to a cave through the forests of Mount Elgon National Park (11km ascent and then descending the same way we’d come). The most interesting bit of the day for me was learning that our guide’s brother is Moses Kipsiro, a double Commonwealth Games gold medalist for the 5000m and he’s currently training for London 2012.

Now we’re in Jinja, which is one of the sources of the Nile and where some of Ghandi’s ashes were scattered. We plan to head to Hairy Lemon (!) today which is a guesthouse / campsite on a little island in the Nile. I think Alberto wants to kayak but I plan to laze in the hammocks and not do much else!

At the source of the Nile

At the source of the Nile

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Such interesting reading! Look so forward to reading your blog. Just a quick mention – your Comrades plaque is definitely not up. Enjoy your day and weekend. XX Stellie

Comment by John and Estelle Collier

Thanks Stellie – and thanks for printing out the blog posts for Gran to read when she was with you in Durbs. I’ve emailed Comrades so hopefully they will let me know why my plaque isn’t up – thanks for looking. Love you lots and see you soon xxxx

Comment by Simone

Me parece que habeis conocido un lugar que fue un reto y el desafio durante cientos de años; nada se regala sin esfuerzo.Un pequeño comentario, desde ahi comienza otra mitad de Africa, y lo digo porque hay dos clases de culebro: aspid y piton. Let´s be wari , y piensa en ello alguna vez. si encuentro a Noé ya le pasaré nota por semejante descuido.

Comment by alberto

Padre, se te va la pinza. La parte de las serpientes no la entiendo. De todas maneras es el Sahara lo que divide Africa, al sur del desierto todos los paises tienen mucho en comun.

Comment by albertocuesta

Your pic of the source of the Nile reminds me of Don Det! Did you try any cabbage? Lovely views! x

Comment by Valerie McIntosh

Absolutely amazing. Keep them coming … need to get this published in Travel magazine for sure! Off to Aux for wend – travel safe & love you lots xxxx

Comment by Renee du Plessis

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