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P is for paradise in Paje – part one
February 14, 2012, 8:05 pm
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Now we’re in Paje, a little piece of paradise on the east coast of Zanzibar. The sand is blindingly white and the sea is a multitude of blues and greens that shimmer in the sunlight. At low tide the sea seems to disappear, leaving the dhows stranded in an endless expanse of sand amidst crystal clear pools of water that ripple in the wind. Aaahhh . . .


A stranded dhow

Seaweed farm

Seaweed farm

Going to collect seaweed

Off to collect seaweed

Our guesthouse is right on the beach so after a late breakfast we normally stretch out on the loungers under the palm trees until it’s time for lunch, when we then walk further down the beach to Paje village, about 1.5km away. With full bellies, we take a slow walk back to the guesthouse, stopping to rest and cool down in the pools along the way, gazing out at the sea in the distance and watching the kite surfers whirl by.

Paje kitesurfers

Paje kitesurfers

Just a monkey clowning around :-p

Clowning around :-p

Chill time

Chill time

Today we went snorkelling out by a nearby reef. We were due to get the tail end of a cyclone that’s hit Mozambique so the water was pretty rough! Saw some cool fish but the highlight for me was the dhow boat trip – I love those boats! Now Alberto wants to take up sailing (maybe to go with his pirate-like appearance of late) – reckon he’ll be able to manage a dhow in the Cape winds and seas?

Our ship awaits us

Our ship awaits us

Los capitanes

Los capitanes

1st Mate

1st Mate

We’re hiring a Vespa in a few days’ time to explore some of the coast so more pictures to follow soon.

P.S. Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day and Keags, hope you had a brilliant birthday!

A corny Valentine's Day picture

A corny Valentine's Day picture

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Ahh! Beautiful!

Comment by Cheryl

Gosh, that looks so amazing. The Valentines pic is cute :) Travel safe and have fun! C xx

Comment by Cheryl P.

Hi Cheryl! The place is really cool, you and Wayne should try and come sometime. I hope you two are doing fine :)

Comment by Alberto

Paje is definately paradise! I look forward to the day Alberto is an established sailor (pirate if he prefers) and I can be a guest on your boat (ship). x

Comment by Valerie McIntosh

no había leído esta entrega, y he quedado fascinado por las imágenes; muy bravo por tu dominio del idioma, veo que estás haciendo grandes progresos

Comment by alberto cuesta guadalajara

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